pH Electrode

pH Electrode

For scientists, medical professionals or consumers seeking the most accurate method for measuring the pH level of a liquid, the optimal choice is the pH electrode.  These devices come in a wide variety of models and can be considerably easier to use once some familiarity has been acquired through practice.  Most pH electrodes are essentially voltmeters which measure the conductivity of a solution.  This conductivity is directly related to the number of protons, which is a product of the solution’s acidity or alkalinity.

Unlike cruder methods like pH strips or solutions which provide a color indicator, pH electrodes are designed to work with sensitive measuring equipment which can provide readings to within a fraction of a pH level. Some of the most sensitive pH electrodes are able to distinguish pH levels in 0.01 increments. Although more expensive than disposable strips, pH electrodes provide the luxury of repeated use.  With proper care, a pH electrode can be used for months or, even, years.

At our website, we listed a broad selection of the most popular pH electrodes on the market.  These products have not been endorsed for their scientific efficacy, but have been chosen for their all-around utility among a diverse group of consumers.

Some of the well known manufactures of pH electrode are:

ExtechHanna InstrumentsMilwaukeeOaktonOrionSensorex, and Thermo Scientific

pH Electrode Comparison Guide and Key

  • Price – These are the prices listed on These can change frequently: $ = under $50, $$ = $100, $$$ = over $100
  • Rating – This is the average user rating on
  • Ph range - some ranges 0 – 14
pH Electrodes
Avg Customer Rating
Ph Range
Amazon ImageHanna Instruments HI 1131B General Purpose Laboratory pH Electrode4.5$$$0 - 13
Amazon ImageOakton Combination Single-Junction Epoxy-Body Gel-Filled pH Electrode5$$0-12 or 0-14
Amazon ImageHanna Instruments Food-Specific pH Electrode5$$$0-12
Amazon ImageThermo Scientific Orion Epoxy Body ROSS Ultra Premium Refillable pH/ATC Triode Electrode, Glass Fiber BNC with 8 Pin Mini DIN and 3m Cable5$$$$0-14
Amazon ImageMilwaukee MA917B/1 Refillable Combination pH Electrode for Laboratory Bench MetersNA$$0-14
Amazon ImageHanna Instruments HI 1230B Combination Gel Filled ElectrodeNA$$0-13
Amazon ImageThermo Scientific Orion Double Junction pH ElectrodeNA$$$$0-14

Important Features to Consider When Purchasing a pH Electrode

You should consider five properties of pH electrodes in your purchase decisions:

Accuracy: While almost all pH electrodes need some form of calibration using solutions with known pH levels, some electrodes are more likely to become less accurate over time or use.

Durability: Most pH electrodes have a limited shelf life, so proper care is required in cleaning and maintaining these devices.  These are usually delicate products but some are more durable than others.

Clarity of signal:  pH electrodes using more advanced materials for the electrode are less susceptible to unwanted voltages and produce a faster, more stable reading.

Range: While most pH Electrodes provide readings across the 14 unit pH scale, some electrodes are designed for more limited ranges specific to scientific or medical needs.

Added features: Upper end pH electrodes may possess more robust features like temperature readings, gel filled electrolyte and functionality with common analytical equipment.


The Most Popular pH Electrodes on the Market

There are a wide variety of uses for pH electrodes in scientific, educational, manufacturing and home settings.   We offer a diverse selection of electrodes, each with their own advantages.

Extech 601500 12 by 160 mm Standard pH Electrode

Amazon ImageThe Extech 601500 12 by 160 mm Standard pH Electrode is one of the bestselling models on the market due to its ease of use and accuracy.  This all-purpose pH electrode is ideal for use in the home or laboratory, and is modestly priced compared to many other brands. This particular model measures all pH levels, from zero to 14.  The Extech electrode is composed of a polycarbonate body which is highly durable, while the actual electrode is a standard size glass bulb. To better ensure accuracy and extended life, the glass bulb is shielded by protective teeth.  This pH electrode operates up to the temperature of 80 degrees Celsius and has a body length of almost nine inches so it can be used in hard-to-reach places.

Unlike many of its competitors, the Extech 601500 12 by 160 mm Standard pH Electrode is the ideal combination of utility and price.  The consumers who have purchased this product have raved about its accuracy, functionality and low cost.  On Amazon, the Extech 601500 12 by 160 mm Standard pH Electrode is rated five stars by all the customers who reviewed it.

Hanna Instruments HI 1131B General Purpose Laboratory pH Electrode

Amazon ImageThe Hanna Instruments HI 1131B General Purpose Laboratory pH Electrode is one of the premier pH electrodes on the market.  Crafted by one of the industry’s leading manufacturers with decades of experience in the production of laboratory test equipment, this electrode is the gold standard among this class of products.

The Hanna Instruments pH Electrode is constructed using cutting edge design and materials.  The electrode is made from silver chloride to provide a highly accurate measurement across a broad range of pH levels.  To improve the efficacy of use and ensure a long lifetime, the junction between the electrode and the cable is crafted from ceramic. This electrode has range from zero to 13 and is capable of accurate readings even in extreme temperature conditions (32 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit).

The HI 1131B comes with a 3.3 foot cable which is possesses a standard Bayonet Neill-Concelma adaptor for easy connection to most pH meters. Like all pH electrodes, the HI 1131B must first be calibrated using pH test solutions, but most consumers found this particular product to be quite responsive to a variety of solutions.  This electrode also earned particular praise for its durability.

Oakton 12mm Combination Single-Junction Epoxy Body Gel-Filled pH Electrode, All-In-One, 0 – 14 pH Range

Amazon ImageThe Oakton Combination Single-Junction Epoxy-Body Gel-Filled pH Electrode is another highly recommended product that comes from an outstanding manufacturer of premier analytical equipment.  The Oakton pH Electrode has consistently earned the highest marks from its purchasers.  This electrode is available in a variety of models which can range from moderately priced to fairly expensive.  Higher end models include added features like automatic temperature compensation.

This pH electrode includes an epoxy body which is impact resistant and easily cleaned.  Some models measure from zero to 12 pH, while others include a range from zero to 14.  The Oakton pH Electrode has the added feature of a measuring half-cell combined with a reference half-cell.  This allows the electrode to produce consistent readings even if the solution is in flux.

The Oakton pH Electrode is available with lengths of cable from 30 to 36 inches.  All cables come standard with a Bayonet Neill-Concelma connector for easy attachment to the most common pH meters.  In order to preserve operational efficiency, the Oakton pH Electrodes employ a single pin junction which limits electrolyte flow.  Another excellent feature of this product is that it comes with a storage bottle which protects the electrode when not in use.